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Ever asked the question "What is my cat doing all day long ?"
Is he/she exploring neighbors garden ? Meeting friends ? Dining outside ? Looking for love ?
In the beginning there is one big question and a lot curiosity: that is the cat doing all day long ?
The solution and answer is the CatCam.
The small digital camera is attached to the collar of the cat. It features a user programmable timer function. Based on the interval time it takes automatically pictures or video clips (based on version).
The unit is protected against shock, dirt and humidity in order to survive the cats lifestyle.
When the cat returns home the camera is connected to a PC to read the picture content. To avoid software installation problems the camera works as a generic mass media storage device. This means the user just needs to plug the camera in and will get access to the pictures in seconds.
As an alternative you can put the SD card into a card reader.
After the pictures are read from the camera they can be viewed instantly. This is the most enjoyable moment when the cat owner sees what his pet did during the day. We got a lot of feedback from fascinated pet owners who felt much more connected to their cat after joining their live with the CatCam.

" brightened up my day quite a bit and made me smile. This is a very, very interesting project you have going here"
"This is the most crazy idea I have ever heard of !"
"I love it."
"I always whished to have such a device and you made my dream come true."
"I see my cat now with much more personality."
"I bought this a a Christmas gift for someone who has already everything. This was the most successful present I ever made ! Thank you Mr. Lee."

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