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Do you believe that:
  • your cat stays around the house if you let it out the door ?
  • your cat would never go into an other house ?
  • your cat would never walk far away ?
  • your cat is afraid of the interstate or highway nearby ?
  • your cat is sitting all night in front of a mouse hole ?
Sorry, you might be wrong ! Learn the truth about your pet's life using GPS position logging technology brought to you by CatTraQ.

The small device is attached to the neck of the cat. It receives the signals of different GPS satellites and record the momentary position. This works even in the forest or in urban canyons because of the high sensitivity of the receiver.

The unit is hermetically sealed and is therefore watertight and resistant against dirt.
After the pet returns the recorded position data is transferred to a PC. This is done using widely available USB interface. The device battery is charged in parallel to the data transfer.

Because the device is hermetically sealed it is connected using a docking cable.
With the integrated Google Earth it is possible to display the recorded way on a map. By overlaying satellite images it gets easily visible where the pet wandered. The Google Earth satellite images usually have a high resolution so that houses, trees and cars are visible.

Together with the position also the time is recorded. This allows to play back the whole travel and you will find out where your pet was.

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