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       Out of the day of a cat - Trip 2

Somewhere under a car On the run Blooming tree

Fence - no way through ? Aha ! Thats the reason ! Beautiful cat lady...(*) ... and her lover ???

Waiting for better times Mr. Lee is not the only cat waiting for the lady... Friend or enemy ?

On the run again. At home.

An interesting note from Christophe Thill (France) opens speculations: The red-haired cat is not a lady. Red-haired cats are always males, just as "turtleshell" cats are always females. Both colors are linked to the sexual chromosomes (the X or Y). So you can have exceptions, but they're very, very rare.

Barbara Zmiewski comments: It is correct that most orange cats are males, but 15% of orange cats are females. They just need an orange gene from both parents. A tortiseshell female carries the orange gene as well. Both of my female cats are orange.

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