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SD Card
CatCam Video
CatCam DIY Kit
CatCam Controller Board
AA Battery Compartment
CatTrack Live
CatTrack Live GPRS Service (12 months)
ST22 GPS receiver
GPS to RS232 converter
CCD Camera KX121
AWM633 Video Transmitter Module 2.4GHz
AWM634 Video Receiver Module 2.4GHz
Video Receiver Station
2.4GHz Small Antenna (1dBi)
2.4GHz Medium Antenna (2dBi)
2.4GHz Tall Antenna (4dBi)
Video Transmitter Module TXM1 (2.4GHz, 450mW)
Video Transmitter Module TXM1 (2.4GHz, 40mW)
SMA Connector (straight)
SMA Connector (right angle)
SIM340 GSM Module
GSM Component Set
Adjustable safety collar
iVolt Stepup Converter
iVolt Stepdown Converter
5.8Ghz Medium Antenna (2dBi)
5.8Ghz Tall Antenna (5dBi)
Video Receiver Station 5.8Ghz
Video Transmitter Module TXM2 (5.8GHz, 100mW)
Video Transmitter Module TXM2 (5.8GHz, 450mW)
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