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       Mr. Lee and the CatCam on TV

TV Show Aussenseiter-Spitzenreiter on MDR (Germany) on 9. January 2008 (CatCam featured by Fritz) Cat Camera in the Japanese TV (2008) Mr. Lee CatCam featured by Leo on CBC - the Canadian TV (April 2010)

TV Magazine West.Art WDR (Germany) on 26. July 2007 TV Magazine Kulturzeit 3SAT (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) on 27. July 2007 TV Magazine ARD Ratgeber Technik (Germany) on 8. September 2007

TV Magazine Markt NDR (Germany) on 17. September 2007 TV Magazine SWR Infomarkt (Germany) on 11. October 2007 TV Magazine Trend Cafe MDR (Germany) on 3. November 2007


Mr. Lee got his first award: The "Kleine Hans Award 2007" for the three eyed cat Mr. Lee. Read the Jury Report. The KLEINE HANS, the world's biggest small award, is presented annually for photographic work that couldn't have been created without coincidence, grace or modesty. Issued from a Dutch newspaper. More.

       Print Media

Neko, February 2010, Japan Kattliv Magazine, August 2009, Denmark Article in the "Westfaelische Nachrichten" newspaper

Amoureux des Chats, very nice book for cat owners (ISBN 978-2-84567-471-4), France All For The Cat, supporting book for the same named natural science exhibition, Germany Ripleys - Believe it or not #5 ("Prepare to be Shocked!", ISBN 978-1-893951-31-0), UK

OOG, Art magazine of the Rijksmuseum, Februar 2008, Netherlands Sweet Home, August 2008, Taiwan Tomorrow, August 2008, Germany

NRC, Februar 2008, Netherlands NRC, Februar 2008, Netherlands NRC Next, Februar 2008, Netherlands

Parool Newspaper, Februar 2008, Netherlands Volkskrant Newspaper, Februar 2008, Netherlands Article in the "Leibziger Volkszeitung" newspaper

National Geographic Kids, March 2008, USA. Universum Kids, Fall 2007, Austria Diario Pernambuco, Brazil

Min Ven Katten, 2007 Min Ven Katten, 2007 Flair, 09/2007, Netherlands

PM Fragen und Antworten, October 2007, Germany. The Examiner, August 2007, USA Current Science, September 2007, USA

fotoMagazin, September 2007, Germany fotoMagazin, September 2007, Germany Schweizer Sonntagszeitung, Switzerland

Periodico de Catalunya, Spain Your Cat Magazine, United Kingdom Blikk Newspaper, Hungary

Geliebte Katze Magazin, Germany The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada The Globe and Mail, Toronto, Canada

Germanys biggest Newspaper FAZ - Frankfurter Sunday Newspaper, Germany Heute Newspaper, Zuerich, Switzerland Matin Plus, France

Westfaelische Rundschau, Germany Article in NRC Next Dutch Newspaper Article in Het Laatste Nieuws, the biggest Bruessels Newspapers


Catcam comic provided by AppleGeeks. Well, we also have a lot of squirrels around the house ... maybe.... Yahoo! Picks  

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