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Help ! I got a DIY/DevKit ! Whats in the package -> Camera modification -> Enclosure -> Use
How to open the camera and install the controller chip - New Update
How to open the old camera and install the controller chip - camera version prior to fall 2008.
How to modify the enclosure
Repair instructions for camera issues (e.g. image problems)
VQ1005 Battery Hack - double the runtime.
How to built your own enclosure
Additions for installing the controller board for whose who deal with older revisions of the CatCam controller.
How to solder the controller chip (single IC)


       Questions & Answers

Q: I want to attach the camera to a dog/tiger/myself/car/etc. Is it possible and what do I have to consider ?

A: As long as the camera returns to you and you are not overloading the animals/your neck it should be fine. You have to consider mechanical stress and use a proper housing or reinforce the original one. You may also think about additional protection against moisture/water and proper attachment of the device.

Q: Is my cat strong enough to carry the camera ?

A: First of all, your animal should not carry the device all the time. This may create issues in the future after long term exposure to unnatural weight distribution.
You might test your animal by applying a dummy load to the collar. You will find out 2 things: Acceptance and strength. Acceptance does usually not relate to the weight but to shape and dimensions of the load. Test it with low weight load. Strength can be tested after acceptance. If you animal accepted the dummy piece but behaves different after applying higher weight, the animal is not strong enough to carry the load.

Q: I dont want the camera/housing to get dirty and scratched. Is there a way to prevent this ?

A: Sure, wrap it in tape like Scotch-Tape used in the office. This provides a protection layer and is easy removable without leaving traces. Make sure that you are not covering the lens.
The tape method is also recommended to protect the device from water, moisture and dust. Seal all gaps of the housing.

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