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Quick product information for CatCam® DIY Kit:

The do-it-yourself kit contains everything you need to build your own CatCam, DogCam, SpyCam or whatever. Maybe you have your own idea of CatCam or maybe you want to learn a bit by making the device by yourself - the right choice is this set.

  • 2 MPixel digital camera (A)
  • Soft wire for collar straps (B)
  • Thin SMD solder wire (C)
  • Thin flexible wire for the controller, precut for easy separation (D)
  • CatCam controller with the latest firmware (E)
  • Metal sticker to seal the modified camera (F)
  • CatCam sticker with address field (G)
  • Optical quality transparent material for lens window protection (H)
  • Protective case which can hold regular CatCam as well as large battery modified version (I)
Easy to follow step by step manuals guide you through your job. Each step has pictures for visualization. The manuals can be found in the support area.

Required skills and equipment:

Since the camera has the size of a matchbox, everything is in a small size. You have to solder 4 points in the camera and 4 points to the controller board (easy). And you have to open and reassemble the camera. For the protective housing you will need to drill 3 holes.
You need basically these tools: solder iron, pliers, tweezers, drilling machine, screwdriver (small recessed head).
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