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Product information for CatCam® v3:

The CatCam v3 makes the transition from the built-by-hand product to a highly capable series product. Both successor versions had a great user response but always had the problem of availability, especially during high peak seasons. The new version hopefully resolves this and also provides an easier usage, consistent quality and overall improvements of camera features.

Function: Snapshots out of your pets life! The CatCam® is a small digital camera that is worn on the collar of an animal to get deep insights of his life. It takes automatically pictures or video clips in an adjustable time sequence/interval. This makes it also suitable for general surveillance tasks or time laps photography. If the automatic function is disabled the camera works as a regular mini digital camera.

Size and weight: The CatCam® has a small size of 54x42x27mm (2.1 x 1.6 x 1 inch) and a weight of approx. 30 grams (1 oz).

Time between pictures: Interval can be set between 2 seconds and about 8 hours.

Picture storage: Pictures are stored in JPEG format. The picture pixel size is 2048x1536. The camera is equipped with 2GB memory.

Video recording: Video clips are stored in AVI format. Please note that due to the high frame rate and resolution the length of video recording is limited by the memory size. Therefore we recommend for extended video recording the Video CatCam.

Image download: Files are downloaded to a computer using the USB interface.

Supply: The camera is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery (Lithium-Polymer). Charging also over USB interface.

Display: For easier usage the camera has a numeric display showing camera status and settings.

Performance during low light: The camera is not equipped with a flash. Please expect no sharp pictures in shadow/low ambient light situations.

Enclosure: The enclosure protects the camera from the sometimes harsh environment. It is mechanical shock resistant. During normal application it closes out dust and water (but is not water tight).

Collar attachment: The camera is equipped with fixtures which allows a secure attachment to a collar.

Noise emission: None.

Resources: User Manual, FAQ and Support section.

Video Tutorial on Youtube:

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