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Product information for Video CatCam®:

Function: Watch your pets adventures like on Reality-TV! The Video CatCam® records video clips in an adjustable time sequence/interval. It is designed to be worn on the collar of an animal (cat) but may find use for general surveillance tasks as well. The device records with the installed 16 GB memory about 4 continuous hours of video. This time can be spread over several days using interval recording.

Size and weight: The Video CatCam® has a small size of 64x41x18mm (2.5 x 1.6 x 0.7 inch) and a weight of approx. 30 grams (1.1 oz).

Video storage: The camera has the memory build in and can get swapped (16 GB max). Storage format is AVI H.263 codec. The video resolution is 700x400 pixels, frame rate 28-30fps.

Video download: Recorded videos are downloaded to a computer using USB interface.

Supply: The camera is powered by an integrated rechargeable battery (Lithium-Polymer). Chargeing also over USB interface.

Performance during low light: The camera is not equipped with a flashlight. In low light situations the internal amplification is increased leading to more noise in the picture. This amplification is limited. No useful content can be expected in darkness.

Enclosure: The enclosure protects the camera from the sometimes harsh environment. It is mechanical shock resistant. During normal application it closes out dust and water (but is not water tight).

Collar attachment: The camera is equipped with fixtures which allows a secure attachment to a collar.

Noise emission: None.

Product classification: It is not a series product. Each camera is build-to-order by hand. Please consider the CatCam Video as an experimental device.

View the Demo Video.

Resources: User Manual, FAQ and Support section, VLC Videoplayer which includes H263 codec.

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