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  GPS CatTrack 1 / CatLog, know where your cat wandered using satellite positioning logging. New model with 64000 waypoints. This tiny device of only 1.7 x 1 x 0.5 inch (4.4 x 2.7 x 1.3cm) allows you to track your cats way. Lightweight (0.77 oz / 22 Gramm), Integrated rechargeable battery, USB interface, waterproof, adjustable log interval, connects to Google Earth and show the cats way on a map. Easily attachable to a cat using the adjustable harness (has to be ordered separately). Reuseable as photo logger (manual mode) or navigation GPS. More details.   Available
USD 45
EUR 36
  GPS CatTrack Live 3, using GPS and GSM cellular phone technology the current position is always available. For usage a SIM card (cellphone card) is required. The position is transfered by SMS text messages and can be displayed in Google Maps or any other navigation software. Additionally the device can get GPRS enabled and you can see the position in real time on the tracking webserver (requires GPRS service package). Quad-Band frequencies allows the use in all countries. Waterproof. Size: 5x4x2cm (2x1.5x0.8 inches), weight: 50 Gramm/1.7 oz. Comes with rechargeable battery and charger. More details.   Available
USD 105
EUR 84
  GPS CatTrack Live GPRS Service, position of CatTrack Live are displayed in real time on a internet page including movement history and saved positions in case of a transmission interruption. 12 month access to the tracking website.   Available
USD 15
EUR 12
  Adjustable gear harness, (girth 26-42cm/10-16 inch). Allows to attach gear like GPS, camera, etc. to your cat without reducing freedom of movement. Size is adjustable. No danger of suffication. Equipment stays in place and can get secured. Ideal for cats who do not like collars or for heavier equipment (load is carried on the shoulders instead of neck). Manual.   Available
EUR 4.50

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